Disinfection, decontamination and conservation

Disinfectants, decontamination detergents and preservatives for tools and work surfaces.

Here you can choose and buy online the most suitable detergent / disinfectant to your needs and the type of instrument or surface to be treated, wood, Plexiglas, marble, metal, plastic, etc. You can operate disinfection broad spectrum of work plans, detersioni and decontamination deep tools, storage of sterilized instruments, sanitation environments and disinfection of small objects. An excellent deep cleansing procedure and disinfectant for the instruments is the use of ultrasonic bath and the specific disinfectant. Action to be reckoned instead is the air sanitation in closed environments, in particular the disinfection of the filters of air conditioners that have a considerable reservoir of bacteria and mold, for which is used in a sanitizing spray.

Products for the hygiene and safety of your premises

Maintain sanitation of your environment and tools with our medical and surgical disinfection, decontamination and storage, you can acquire them at a favorable price advantage of our offers for quantity. For any information you can call us at the toll free number 800145094, contact us using the site contact form or send us an email to info@pserviceweb.com.