The professional line of cosmetic products for beauty centers

TerraMare (TM) is a line of professional cosmetics for beauty centers and medical aesthetic studies, specializing in the development of products and treatments for the care and prevention of skin problems such as cellulite, localized fat, skin laxity, loss of elasticity, stretch marks , fluid retention, spots, wrinkles, rosacea, etc .. the production is all Italian (with the exception of mud and salt from the Dead Sea) and fully meets the latest Italian and European regulations on the exclusion of parabens, nickel and other substances known toxic, so as to merit the classification of natural cosmetics. It also produces specific vials with particularly effective nanoparticles such as those for the hyperbaric oxygen therapy and synergies of essential oils with very specific characteristics.

Save with our quality products

The products are very concentrated and therefore have also the advantage of last much and, therefore, give a considerable saving to the operator. The online sale also covers products for home self-care where we expected, quite rightly, a price cut in favor of the professionals than private users. Buy with safely even few products tranquility and test, we do not ask for a minimal amount. Of course you can then further save money by buying larger packages. On the site you can find all the insights about the main treatments, for more information contact our customer service or call us at toll free number 800 145 094.

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