SANDIK disinfectant surface cleaner

SANDIK hydroalcoholic disinfectant detergent for surfaces


Ready-to-use disinfectant surface cleaner. It is a hydroalcoholic based disinfectant useful for frequent and rapid cleaning of surfaces.

750ml bottle with dispenser

Description of SANDIK hydroalcoholic disinfectant detergent for surfaces

Hydro-alcoholic combination of sanitizing detergent active ingredients formulated for rapid and targeted sanitizing treatments of hard metal, painted, tiled, glass, plastic, plexiglass surfaces, etc. Ideal for HACCP protocol, therefore for cleaning-sanitizing surfaces that come into contact with food in the various industries of fish, meat, fruit, vegetables, sales counters, slicers etc. It allows an effective sanitizing intervention on the external surfaces of the machinery in the dairy, beverage, confectionery, cosmetic and food preparation and cooking areas. It integrates the normal cleaning and disinfection procedures allowing to obtain more safety in the reduction of microbial contaminations. It does not affect the taste of food products and does not require the use of water for rinsing.


CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Benzalkonium chloride (50% sol.) 0.5%, 0. Phenylphenol 0.02%, Eco-formulated isopropyl alcohol.


Ready to use product. Remove any coarse dirt. Spray SANDIK on the surfaces to be cleaned and if possible leave for a few minutes. Go with a disposable paper cloth until the surfaces are ready

For whom SANDIK is recommended

Being a hydroalcoholic based disinfectant, it is recommended in the dairy, beverage, canning, slaughtering and meat processing and food industries in general; but also for the following sectors: cosmetics, tattoo, community, home, cleaning companies, shops, supermarkets, hotels, hotels, canteens etc.

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