BALANCING CREAM with sweet almond oil, alpha-hydroxy acids, calendula and passionflower


Cream rebalancing based AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids) are able to contribute to the regeneration of tissues and restore its acidity. Repairs and protects neglected skins, asphyxiated, dehydrated, even the most sensitive for her and for him.

Features of balancing cream with sweet almond oil, alpha-hydroxy acids, calendula and passionflower

Re-acidifying soft face cream that exploiting the regenerative properties and antioxidants of fruit acids (AHA) helps to restore the physiological acidity of the epidermis at the same time giving softness and brightness. Also thanks to the extracts of marigold, passionflower, witch hazel and bisabolol, plays against the epidermis a 'soothing, anti-inflammatory and soothing, adapting perfectly to very sensitive skin.

It matches perfectly with scrubs like that based on mandelic acid or glycolic acid.

Bottle 50ml + by selling box

dermatologically tested

the alpha-hydroxy acids

The alpha-hydroxy acids and other fruit acids (malic acid from apples, grapes tartaric acid, glycolic acid, sugar cane, citric acid citrus, mandelic acid from almonds, etc.) Are chemical exfoliants widely used for their properties precisely exfoliating and antioxidants. This effect is achieved by more or less intense removal of dead cells from the epidermal surface; in this way it stimulates cell renewal, giving the skin a smoother, more radiant look. Fruit acids, in particular, are able to dissolve the ties that bind dead cells to those lives, facilitating their removal and fall due to their small size, which allow it to penetrate deeply. They are commercially available products containing fruit acids in various concentrations, ideal for daily treatment, for that periodic or for that specialist.

Active principles and INCI
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How to use the balancing cream with AHA

Apply morning and evening after the normal cleansing the face with cleansing milk and tonic.

Excellent as a base make up. It 'also perfect for the man, ideal after shaving.

In case of neglected and thickened skins are recommended three weeks of intensive treatment, by applying two or three times per day.

Serving Suggestions

In the autumn season, to remove thickness and dullness to your skin, we recommend treatments based on AHAs, that smooth and brighten the skin, such as processing with mandelic TerraMare, working simultaneously on multiple blemishes such as spots, wrinkles and opacity , and it can be used on all skin types.



BISABOLOL (bisabolol)

Substance present in the oil of chamomile, which can also be obtained by synthesis, with features soothing, anti-reddening. Indicated in the treatment of delicate and sensitive skin, rosacea, in children's products and after-sun.

SWEET ALMOND OIL (prunus amygdalus dulcis oil)
From the seed of the sweet variety is extracted a natural triglyceride oil, widely used in dermatology and cosmetics. Almond oil has no special properties but is an emollient of proven value, well tolerated even by the most delicate and sensitive skin.

Alpha-hydroxy acids (A.H.A.) (lactic acid, citric acid, malic acid, camellia sinensis)
The alpha-hydroxy acids are a family of acids found abundantly in nature, especially in fruits and vegetables, known to the general public for their exfoliating action. A lesser known but extremely important effect in cosmetic level is constituted by their high moisturizing and softening it gives the skin elasticity and luminosity.
Because some A.H.A. may result in irritating the phenomena COSMETICS EMMECI has chosen to use a particular mixture of the latter (lactic acid, malic acid, citric acid) with an extract of the camellia sinensis) with softening, soothing.

EXTRACT GLYCOLIC marigold (Calendula officinalis extract)
Asteracea of ​​primary interest for cosmetics. Its extract contains flavonoids, saponins, oleanolic acid, mucilage. And 'particularly suitable for the treatment of delicate and sensitive skin.

EXTRACT GLYCOLIC Hamamelis (Hamamelis virginiana extract)
The Hamamelis has been widely used in cosmetics thanks to the richness in attivi.Essa principles is used in products for delicate and sensitive skin.

EXTRACT OF PASSION (Passiflora incarnata extract)

climbing plant native to tropical regions widely used in medicine for its sedative, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. In cosmetics streets used for delicate products esensibili.

C12-15 alkyl benzoate
Propylene glycol
Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil
octyl methoxycinnamate
Lactic acid
Citric acid
Malic acid
Camellia sinensis extract
Hamamelis virginiana extract
Passiflora incarnata extract
Calendula officinalis extract
glyceryl stearate
Sodium polyacrylate
Palmeth 2-phosphate
Hydrogenated POLYDECENE
cetyl palmitate
cetearyl alcohol
Fragrance / parfum
imidazolidinyl urea
benzoic acid
Dehydroacetic acid

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