Neuromuscular taping patch - Kinesio...
Neuromuscular taping patch - Kinesio...

Neuromuscular taping patch - Kinesio Taping blue

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Adhesive, elastic, breathable and water-repellent bandage.

Characteristics of the patch for neuromuscular taping - kinesio taping

Taping is a cotton plaster that relieves neuromuscular pain and thanks to a mechanical stimulation technique activates the body's natural healing abilities without any pharmacological intervention.

Applied with the TNM technique, it is made of cotton, and does not release any active ingredient or affect the skin or muscle in any other way except in the treatment for which it was patented.

The scroll is 5 meters long and 5 centimeters wide.

Extension; 92% cotton, 8% elastane; water-repellent.

How to use the taping patch

Do-it-yourself is not recommended. Taping is a professional plaster that must be applied by expert, trained people who know how and where to position it depending on the problem.

We therefore recommend that, after purchasing it, you contact an expert.

If positioned badly or incorrectly, it risks not providing any benefit.

For whom it is recommended

It can be used in sports before, during and after athletic activity. First to prepare and prevent, then to cool down.

Normally used as a plaster by professional athletes to treat muscle problems such as low back pain, calf problems, pain in the back and quadriceps femoris, etc.

Also used as a cellulite plaster.


Applied the technique relieves pain neuromuscular NWT. Measures 5cm * 5m

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