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Electrodes and accessories for electrotherapy equipment. Online sales of spare parts and all instruments subject to wear as the piston rings and the electrodes. In the field of electrotherapy the electrode is used for interfacing the metallic conductor, which can be a clip, a pin or a crocodile, with the patient's body. Often is very important to check its integrity and therefore the good conductivity, to allow the smooth passage of current and avoid annoying dispersions for the patient. For this same reason and for reasons of hygiene, it is advisable to frequently change the sponges or electrode holders bags, key in retaining the active ingredients to be conveyed and / or water that facilitates the electrical conduction. To carry out the treatments are useful and necessary as some cosmetic products such as gels, creamsfunctional bandages and specifications vials. The electrodes and reusable bands, such as silicone, should instead be disinfected with effective products but not chemically aggressive to better protect the hygiene of the customer. Buy confidently our accessories devices, money back guarantee, for any questions you can contact us at the toll free number 800145094 or send us an email to, solve it together or we'll refund.