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Equipment and products for the sterilization of instruments. Sterilization is a fundamental action for the elimination of any microorganism present on a tool of category 1, those instruments that go to contact with the blood. It should be distinguished from the disinfection which instead is able  to destroy only the pathogenic germs that are on the surface and for which, often, using disinfectant liquids ready to use based on quaternary ammonium salts (benzalkonium chloride), equipment to ultraviolet (UV) or ultrasonic cleaners. The best sterilization process is achieved using electrical equipment capable of generating high temperatures, see the autoclave or dry heat sterilizer, while for cold sterilize heat-sensitive or simple tools are used in basic solutions of glutaraldehyde or peracetic acid (peroxide hydrogen). Another very important factor to choose one method rather than another regards the conformation of the instrument in question; in fact more is porous or provided with cavities (such as needles) and will be subject to more nestings of pollutants germs. But the guarantee of sterilization has been not only relates to a product or an apparatus but it is included in a sterilization procedure that starts from the cleansing and decontamination of the instrument until its correct conservation. For more info. Buy online with confidence our professional products for sterilization, are all equipped with medical and surgical technical specifications and security. If you have concerns or questions please contact us at the toll free number 800145094 or send us an email to

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