Szwedogroup Permanent Makeup Pigments

Only certified REACH 2022 certified pigments

The pigments on this site are extremely concentrated and safe. They do not contain aromatic amines and carcinogens, and have been analyzed and certified by the German CTL GmBH company and fully comply with ResAP (2008) 1 and REACH 2022. Our pigments for permanent make-up don’t contain carcinogens, have all required certificates and they meet all standards concerning colour stability, intensity and density. We use largely inorganic pigments, pure pigments as well as organic ones that are found in international cosmetics. All pigments are toxically,alergically, microbilogically tested.

All the shades you want

Here you can choose the pigments that best suit your customers and your work technique, both with blades and dermographs. In fact, you have different shades of the same color and different concealers and camouflage that will allow you to create a job that is perfectly suited to the skin's color and skin.

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