Carbon monoxide meter pico +
Carbon monoxide meter pico +
Carbon monoxide meter pico +
Carbon monoxide meter pico +

PICO portable CO monitor



"to stop smoking one step at a time"

Description of the PICO portable CO Monitor

The Carbon Monoxide Monitor is a practical and accurate tool for specialists that provides precise measures, useful for identifying, assessing, treating and educating tobacco addicted subjects. Monitoring the levels of CO allows us to assess nicotine addiction levels, the more the subject smokes and the higher the dependency.

    Ideal solution for combating smoking, carbon monoxide poisoning (CO), prenatal analysis
    Quick and low cost tests
    Simple to use and with easy to read and interpret results (color levels and sound signals)
    No special maintenance or calibration required


• New intuitive interface

• Technology SteriTouch® eliminates the risk of bacterial contamination

• Large touchscreen display

• Traffic light system (green, yellow and red)

Other sensors CO sensor (electrochemical): 0-500ppm (concentration range); 1 ppm (sensitivity)
Size 34x75x140 cm / 200 gr
Color touchscreen display
Battery 3 x AA
PC Software COdata
PC configuration Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, or XP (Home or Pro) - Pentium Processor or above - 128MB RAM - 4 x CD-ROM Drive - 80MB HD Space

Technical data of the carbon monoxide meter

Concentration range (CO): 0-150ppm
Display: Color touchscreen
Detection principle: Electrochemical sensor
Repeatability: <3% difference on consecutive readingsInterference H2 <5%
Power supply: 3 x AA (LR6 or equivalent) 1 x CR2032 lithium cell
Response time T90: ≤17 seconds
Temperature range (Operating): 0-40 ° C
Pressure range: 800-1200mbar
Humidity range: 10-90% non-condensed
Sensor life: 5 years
Sensor sensitivity: 1ppm
Sensor drift: <10% per year
Dimensions: Approximately 34 x 75 x 140 mm
Weight: About 200g (including batteries): Materials
Device: Polycarbonate / ABS blend with addition of D-Piece antimicrobial material: Polypropylene

Recommendations for use of PICO

Ideal for smoking counseling activities in:
• Anti-smoking centers
• General practitioner
• Schools
• Pharmacies
• Health centers

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