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SLIM home SET - for localized cellulite and adiposity

SLIM home SET - for localized cellulite and adiposity


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Set for anti-cellulite treatment and localized adiposity of home microneedling.

Description of the SLIM home SET - for localized cellulite and adiposity

The - NEEDLE SLIM PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT has been formulated to obtain a strong reduction of cellulite and localized adiposity. Furthermore, it also generates a better blood supply, a cellular regeneration of the tissue and consequently a better elasticity and compactness of the skin.

The treatment is most effective when accompanied by a home "cure" performed with the application of this SLIM home set.

A professional SLIM treatment takes place in the institution every 30 days. The one at home must be done several times between one treatment and another, at least 3 days apart and 1 week from those in the institution.

The SLIM home method

This method involves the use of a 0.30mm Dermaroller, to be used on the areas that need to be treated the most.


  • Perform a deep scrub to clean and prepare the tissue using the Smoothing Body Cream.
  • Apply the Dermaroller by sliding it back and forth on the skin of the area to be treated, both vertically and horizontally, and then diagonally, at least 5 times for each.
  • Apply a few drops of vegetable fluid over the entire area, spread and tap until completely absorbed.
  • With a massage, absorb the Carnitine Cellulite Cream.

Repeat the complete treatment every 3 days. On other days, apply only the anti-cellulite cream.

In order to reuse the Roller, it must be cleaned with a brush and sanitized with a high level disinfectant spray such as Bactilemon.

How Micro Needling works

The horny layer of the skin constitutes a barrier to the deep penetration of the active ingredients of ampoules and creams applied to the skin. Only small quantities of product manage to pass it and penetrate to the dermis. To have a greater penetration of the active principles it is therefore necessary to overcome this natural "barrier".

Needling intervenes in this and beyond.

Thanks to the penetration of the multiple micro needles of the dermaroller we are able to create a "violation" of the skin that allows us to by-pass the skin barrier and therefore allow specific products (nano molecules) to penetrate which, reaching the dermis, will act more quickly and effective.

In addition, to heal itself the skin will immediately create a "healing" process by producing more collagen and elastin, which are essential for the elasticity, resistance and regeneration of the connective tissue.

By applying complete micro Needling treatments, with specific products, we will be able to:

- Smooth acne scars

- Treat skin laxity

- Repulse the fabric

- Fill wrinkles

- Improve stretch marks

- Renew the fabric

- Stimulate the scalp

The treatments can be carried out on all areas of skin that must be toned, recompacted, regenerated, then face, neck, arms, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and even stretch marks.

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