Derma Roller for microneedling, 540 0.3mm needles, sterile
Derma Roller for microneedling, 540 0.3mm needles, sterile
Derma Roller for microneedling, 540 0.3mm needles, sterile
Derma Roller for microneedling, 540 0.3mm needles, sterile

Derma Roller 540 sterile 1.00mm needles, sterile


Manual dermaroller for the stimulation of collagen and elastin

Description of the Derma Roller 540 sterile 1.00mm needles

The Dermaroller is a small and simple device, designed to roll micro-needles on the skin, in order to stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin and to accelerate cell renewal.

Furthermore, thanks to the thousands of micro-holes engraved in the fabric by the dermaroller, we can more effectively convey products specifically designed to penetrate to the dermis.

It is equipped with 1 mm needles, recommended for retensioning the dermis and for treating scars and stretch marks.

Since nerve endings are present at the depth of 1 mm in the dermis, it is recommended to apply a local anesthetic for sensitivity to pain, such as lidocaine-based creams.


Number of needles 540

Needle length 1 mm

Ergonomic plastic handpiece

Anti-slip grip

Cross arrangement of the needles

Stable and resistant needles


Sterilized with E.O. gas

How the dermaroller works

The roller must be rolled on the same skin area of ​​the face (or body) first in the longitudinal direction, then in the transverse direction and finally in the oblique direction.

This dense penetration of micro-needles creates a "violation" of the skin which, in order to heal itself, immediately creates a process of "self-regeneration" producing collagen and elastin, which are essential for the elasticity and resistance of our connective tissue.

By inserting this procedure into a complete treatment with specific products, we will be able to:

- Smooth acne scars

- Treat skin laxity

- Repulse the fabric

- Fill wrinkles

- Improve stretch marks

- Renew the fabric

- Stimulate the scalp

Dermaroller treatment with 1 mm needles

The treatment with 1mm needles begins to be more demanding and invasive. It can be carried out mainly on areas affected by cellulite, stretch marks, scars, and one session is performed every 30 days to allow time for a skin response without excessively stressing the skin.

It is advisable to alternate the home cosmetic treatment with a 0.30 roller at the institute aesthetic session.

The side effects of the treatment with 1 mm dermaroller are the erythema and, sometimes, a micro bleeding and therefore small bruises especially in the areas of the face. The redness after the treatment can last up to 5 days.

DO NOT expose yourself to sunlight for at least a month!

It is advisable to apply the Mandelic Acid peeling one / two days before.

The dermaroller is a sterile and disposable product

For professional use only

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