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IPhone speaker


Speaker for iphone

Speaker amplifier for iphone, silicone.

Description Speaker for iphone

This nice object in soft orange silicone is able to support your iphone, perhaps to put it on the furniture in the living room, and is equipped with a speaker to amplify the sounds of the phone itself. You can listen to your favorite music in the comfort of your home without having to wear headphones or plug your iPhone into a stereo. Amplify the speaker volume of your Apple device by up to 13 decibels without the need for power.

Technical features:

- No external power is required
- Actually zoom in on music from your phone
- Input for charging
- Washable, resistant to dirt and scratches
- Compatible with Apple iphone 4G 4GS (phone not included)
- Does not use battery

Material: silicone

Orange colour

Dimension: 106x50x47 mm

Net weight: 40g

Recommendations for use

It is applied with extreme simplicity and allows you to position the iPhone in landscape or portrait mode. To improve typing on your iphone and keep the screen cleaner you can buy our promotional touch pen.

It will be a very welcome gift !!!

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