antisera for face and body

We sell active ingredients in phials specific treatments for face and body. These vials are prepared for the rich and active plant extracts. They are indicated for the treatment of skin problems like cellulite, fat, laxity, stretch marks, wrinkles, blemishes, rosacea, loss of tone, skin aging. Each vial is accompanied by another vial containing a very functional but equally volatile active ingredient which is freeze-dried for maintaining unaltered the qualities. To use them the best you have to add the additive to the dry powder by shaking well until a clear solution.

infusion vials TerraMare

We have formulated the micronized vials to be infused with the equipment for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. With the Sculpturae oxyserum and the equipment Gentle, we can even emulate the Endolipolisi therapy but without injections, and then, without the use of any needle, avoiding consequently also the after-effects of bloating and pain created by infiltration. We can also use the vials for applications under masks or casts, bandages to soak for infusions with the electroporator or equipment for electrotherapy. Buy with confidence our vials with an excellent value for money, for any questions please call our customer service toll free number 800145094 or send us an email to

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