Disinfection and personal hygien

Disinfectants and detergents for personal hygiene. A wide choice of disinfectants or protective to the skin, to meet the needs of all customers. You can buy online the pre-operating room soap, waterless sanitizer gel, protective glove or spray liquid disinfectant for occasional or everyday antisepsis of the body. Personal hygiene, especially of the hands, it is very important for all those jobs at risk of infection that require the use of sterile instruments or disposable, and in the process of sterilization of the instruments themselves. In fact in the correct sterilization procedure must disinfect well the plans and the labor camp, his own hands, and you need to wear protective clothing to avoid being infected by spores or bacteria and to prevent voiding the final result of the sterilization that remains a delicate process . Also disinfect your hands before and after each job, especially pedicure and / or manicure, you can prevent the most common diseases transmissions such as mycoses, herpes, intestinal viruses, fevers, pediculosis or otherwise. Protect yourself and you prevent purchasing with confidence our items for disinfection and personal hygiene, they are all presiodi surgical doctor accompanied by technical specifications and security. If you have concerns or questions please contact us at the toll free number 800145094 or send us an email to info@pserviceweb.com.