Air fresheners

Equipment for aerosol cans for deodorization and disinfection of indoor environments. Aerosol cans are certified for use in indoor environments, they are not harmful to humans or animals, but he still recommends the use away from food and ventilating the premises. Even the insecticide   pyrethrum cylinder is adapted to chase away flies and other insects from enclosed spaces. The fundamental characteristic of the cans is to release at each dispensing a predetermined quantity of concentrated product finely atomized suspended in the air. This feature allows you to deodorize long-rooms up to 60 square meters with a range of 3000 disbursements. The automatic dispensers for aerosol cans are battery powered and therefore can be arranged if any were needed without having to make holes in the wall or install extensions for power. They also give the option to choose up to 3 intervals of time between delivery and the other and, the one with the photocell, automatically detect the ambient light allowing a considerable saving of energy and the product during the time in which the room it is in the dark and, presumably, no need deodorise. These devices complement the range of dispensers for the community, useful for decorating efficiently toilets and cabins with towels, hygiene towelstoilet paper and soap. Buy online our deodorants safely, we guarantee you quality made in Italy and a fast delivery service at reasonable prices. If you have questions or are not satisfied within 14 days of calling our customer service at the toll-free number or send us an email to, together solve any doubt or we'll refund.

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