Decs Ambiente - Chlorine disinfectant for rooms, walls and washable surfaces, 1000ml


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DECS AMBIENTE is a disinfectant with an oxidizing action suitable for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness even in critical environments with a high risk of contamination.

1000ml bottle.

It is a Medical Surgical Unit

Description of Decs Ambiente - Chlorine disinfectant for rooms

Clear, pale yellow liquid, alkaline, fruity fragrance, pH 12 ± 0.5.

Sodium hypochlorite is compatible with the following materials:

PVC, PE, PP, Polyacetal, POM, Buna-Nitrile Rubber, Bisphenolic Polyester, Fiberglass, Teflon, Silicone, ABS, Polycarbonate, Polysulfone, Stainless steel, Titanium.

The materials that are not compatible are:

Low alloy steel, polyurethane, iron and metals in general

Mechanism of action:

The Electrolytic Active Chlorine, following the irreversible oxidation of the thiol groups (-SH), is able to inhibit sulfidril-enzymatic systems essential for the aerobic and anaerobic metabolism of the microbial cell.


Bactericidal disinfectant with a broad spectrum of action, therefore active on both Gram positive and Gram negative, sporicidal, mycocidal, antiprotozoal and also effective against viruses such as hepatitis viruses (A, B and C) and HIV. The contact times are different according to the type of germ and the dilution of the product.

Disinfection of environments, walls, washable surfaces and equipment, both in hospitals (operating theaters, waiting rooms, clinics, wards, kitchens, laboratories etc.), and in the food industry. It is also useful in places where food is prepared and administered and in facilities for communal life - such as barracks, schools, refectories - for plastic and glass containers and in means of transporting animals.


> Disinfection of environments used for the preparation and treatment of food:

- 10% dilution (equal to 2700 ppm of active chlorine; 100 ml of product diluted up to 1 liter with water)

- Time: 5 minutes

> Disinfection in a hospital environment such as operating rooms and their surfaces and equipment, clinics, first aid rooms, toilets, etc ... Disinfection of washable surfaces in the food industry, food preparation rooms, cheese ripening shelves, sales counters, showcases Disinfection of washable surfaces in kitchens, dining rooms, plastic and glass containers in the food industry. Treatment of classrooms, toilets (floors, equipment, services), animal transport vehicles.
- 5% dilution (equal to 1350 ppm of active chlorine; 50 ml of product diluted up to 1 liter with water)

- Time: 5 minutes

In the food industry sector: carefully rinse with drinking water after disinfection in order to remove residues of disinfectant.


100 ml of solution contain:

Active principles:

Sodium Hypochlorite (Active chlorine 2.7%; 27,000 ppm) 2,800 g


Sodium hydrate 0.500 g

Perfume 0,600 g

Purified water q.s.

N.B. the image is purely indicative, the appearance of the product may differ over time while maintaining the characteristics described

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