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The products to exfoliate the skin are of three categories: mechanical, chemical and enzymatic. Typically, the chemical exfoliants are acidic liquid, enzyme are masks or creams and the mechanics are so-called scrubs or creams containing micro spheres derived from seeds or shells of dry futta. Some of Earthsea products, purchased in this category, place 2 of these actions simultaneously. For example, the exfoliating cream to salicylic acid accomplishes both a scrub that chemical exfoliation, as well as the smoothing glove. Read: How important to exfoliate your skin?

mechanical exfoliants: scrubs

The scrubs are the most used exfoliating products, especially for the body, and the most simple and not dangerous to use. Here you can buy different types, each designed for a type of skin and different action. Both have different particle sizes both active ingredients different to choose from depending on the type of skin that we will exfoliate. Buy with confidence products for exfoliation TerraMare, we guarantee made in Italy quality and customer service is always attentive to solve your doubts or to send any technical or certification of which you have need.

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