Paraffin treatment

Products and accessories for the treatment with the hot paraffin. This is a professional treatment for the beauty of the hands and feet, composed of a paraffin with electric heater temperature controller, suitable for the dissolution of Paraffin Wax, from the disposable plastic bags that allow you greater hygiene for every single customer and from gloves and socks sponge that will keep longer the heat in your hands or feet. This treatment has the ability to draw water to the surface thus giving a strong skin hydration, also, the osmotic effect created will promote faster penetration of the active ingredients of the hand cream or the feet cream applied under the paraffin mask. The skin will immediately look younger and feel soft and supple with a uniform color. Recommended when you want the hands and feet clean, both for women than for men. A simple and effective element, and certainly welcome, which will allow you to give your center one more service for your customers. Visit our website and buy with confidence our paraffin treatment, with guarantee and reimbursed for any doubt or question you can contact us at the toll-free number 80014094 or send us an e-mail to info@pserviceweb.

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