Massage and facecare

Creams for facial care

In this section you can buy directly online and creams antisera to deal with any imperfections of the face at home or in the cabin. The products are all made in Italy and formulated according to the latest and strictest European standards, therefore not have toxic elements, which produce potentially carcinogenic or allergies such as nickel, phthalates and animal products. They are rich in natural active ingredients and perform functions specifically wrinkle, cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing to return a perfect facial skin.

Each time a different facial skin care

The creams are not all equal, for each blemish and for every type of skin there is a more suitable facial cream. Choose carefully the right product to you carefully studying the characteristics, checking the specifications in detail and reading the insights of our Blog. For any information or concerns you can contact us toll 800.14.50.94., Our customer service or by sending an email to

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