Stimulators, electrodes and accessories professional replacement for the electrotherapy treatments. Electrotherapy is precisely a therapy, used in the medical or cosmetic, which consists in the local application of alternating electrical impulses (electrical stimulation) or continuous (iontophoresis) by means of electrodes, with the purpose of obtaining a therapeutic analgesic effect, painkiller, stimulating , hypertrophic or, in the case of iontophoresis, relative to the conveyed substance. In our online shop you can find professional equipment made in Italy for the beauty center and for the physiotherapy, accessories such as elastic bandages, disposable or reusable electrodes, the wiring, the handpieces and all spare parts. Also you can buy at affordable prices to many useful products to do a better job of equipment such as gels, creams, vials and bandages, as well as clothing and / or protective sheeting for customers or for the sunbeds. Shop with confidence on our stimulators, we guarantee you a quick delivery service at reasonable prices. If you have questions or are not satisfied within 14 days of calling our customer service at the toll-free number or send us an email to, together solve any doubt or we'll refund.

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