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Masks and body wraps TerraMare

Here you can buy online a type of natural-based products to effectively fight the most noticeable skin problems such as cellulite, water retention, stretch marks, laxity; and also to re-mineralize the tissues, decontratturare and relax muscle tension. Cosmetic applications of muds, salts and clays are varied and always recognized as essential remedies for treatment of any imperfection of the face and body. Thanks to the clay component help the skin absorption of the previously applied substances, and with the thermal component make trace elements, minerals and vitamins essential for skin biological processes.

The quality of the masks and body wraps TerraMare

Given the large properties present in these natural wonders, TerraMare has mixed them with each other and has enhanced them through the use of other natural active ingredients and / or the application of body wraps that amplify the results. With the combination of the then Synergies, ie mixtures of essential oils, or of specific vials, can be treated by adsorption to various blemishes and diseases, and at the same time act to inhalation at the level of various apparatuses: digestive, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, endocrine, urinary , and nervous system. Entrusted serenely Earthsea to your beauty center, it is a guarantee of quality Made in Italy !! Register for free and buy the masks and body wraps on our website at competitive prices by taking advantage of the offers reserved to our customers. Our customer service is always active and attentive to your requirements or questions, call us at toll free number 800145094 or send us an email to, solve together every question.

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