work trousers in moleskin cotton

work trousers in moleskin cotton


Description of the trousers in moleskin cotton

The work trousers are presented in BLUE color, with 3 pockets, produced in 100% cotton moleskin with textile sanforization treatment.

The 2 front pockets are presented in classic welt mode, easy to identify and without closure. The side ruler pocket is positioned on the left side mid-thigh and is equipped with a Velcro flap closure to hold a folding rule, mobile phones, watches, work items and documents.

The waist, in which it is possible to wear a belt, is elasticized to facilitate easy donning and to ensure greater comfort when traveling and during work exercises. The hem remains comfortable and wide

Recommendations for use

The cotton moleskin trousers are a workwear item recommended mainly for workers, mechanics, electricians, electricians, hobbyists, hunters, fishermen and in general for anyone who needs to wear a warm, comfortable and easy to put on and take off fabric. Highly suitable for those looking for a durable, plush and warm but at the same time soft and light workwear item.

It can also be worn over other fabrics as a work uniform or under a lighter work suit, being non-shrink even after numerous washes thanks to the sanforization work (see details).

Characteristics of the fleece sanforized cotton moleskin

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Characteristics of the fleece sanforized cotton moleskin

Fustian is a strong, sturdy and durable fabric used in tailoring since the Middle Ages. Thanks to its safe and reliable characteristics it is one of the main items of clothing used to produce winter and non-winter work clothes. It remains compact, warm and optimally retains the heat it absorbs.

Fleece cotton is a soft and warm fabric that is resistant to time and washing. It retains the air it encounters and is mainly suitable for autumn and winter.

Characteristics of sanforization

Sanforization is a textile treatment used for all clothes but mainly for clothing and overalls. It is an operation of bringing together the textures of the fabrics to make them non-shrink. Totally natural and not harmful to the environment, the sanforization makes the moleskin work trousers a wrinkle-resistant garment, delicate to the touch, difficult to tear and rub. Very often it does not require ironing.

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