Wooden beds WOOD

Handmade beds made of solid walnut wood baja. Built to last! Solid wood made grade, carefully controlled, Wood beds are characterized by robustness and comfort. Composed of ecological and hypoallergenic materials: precious woods and padding comfortable and durable. Every detail has been studied and designed to the last detail. Watch out for the differences !! You can find suitable beds for every type of work both in the field of beauty, physical therapy or diagnosis, with the possibility of adding accessories or to vary the height, posture or transport them. Also sales of equipment and accessories dedicated to the medical gymnastics and proprioceptive as pillows and platforms built with the same attention and the same quality of sunbeds. Even the carts, steps and wooden windows are made with care to be comfortable, practical and to last intact over time. The company, always very attentive to the needs of customers, also gives you the ability to add optional extras and / or edit the measurements of each item produced to meet the needs of all. You can preserve the integrity of your sunbeds purchasing our covering sheetsbed rolls for the bed of various widths and the colored covers . Buy online our wooden beds with confidence, we guarantee you quality made in Italy and a quick delivery service at reasonable prices. If you have questions or are not satisfied within 14 days of calling our customer service at the toll-free number or send us an email to info@pserviceweb.com, together solve any doubt or we'll refund.