Gouge blades

Blade gouges in various types. Sales of professional sterile gouges blades consist of stainless steel also sterilizable by autoclave. We offer 2 quality blades to satisfy even the most demanding professionals, the Basic and the Top. The top is the superior quality blade, the best on the  market, suitable to the work of precision and long duration, the result of a production based on the research of a steel with more robustness properties, texture, resistance to torsion and to breakage. The refined appearance, shiny and flawless, with the precise and flawless sharpening the result of it and make it a unique product of its kind. The blades have a Scripting standards, so are suitable for all Universal handles. Can be sterilized in any way, autoclaving, dry heat sterilizer or simply with the aid of a liquid (pentacid) or a cold sterilizing powder (sanidrox) and a suitable container. You have several ways to buy, the single blade, which also allows you to try them, the mixed pack or larger or smaller numerical packages that allow you to save and then have the best price. Buy with confidence, money back guarantee, for any questions you can contact us at the toll free number 800145094 or send us an email to info@pserviceweb.com, solve it together or we'll refund.

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