Pigments for Tricopigmentation

Tricopigmentation of the scalp

Hair dermopigmentation is an innovative treatment to solve problems related to hair loss, alopecia, thinning, scars and various signs of the scalp. The most appreciable results are obtained above all in the case of short hair, shaved effect, with a technique that allows you to draw very small and extremely precise color dots, but also camouflage techniques can "cover" various imperfections of the scalp.

International level training

To obtain a correct tricopigmentation it is necessary to know the pigments, the colors of the skin and the warm and fresh shades, as well as the correct application of the pigment shades. This is why we invite you to participate in our theoretical / practical training for the acquisition of pigmentation techniques and the appropriate choice of colors. Our organization offers international training on realistic permanent makeup. Contact us at the toll-free number 800.14.50.94 to stay updated on the modalities of the basic and advanced courses.

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