Massage and bodycare

Safe products for the care of your body

Buy TerraMare cosmetics for massage and body care in the cabin and at home. They are cosmetic products certified in Italy and totally nickel-free, phthalates and animal products. To take care of your body entrusted to the rich quality products of vegetable oils with strong moisturizing and emollient properties and reliable natural active ingredients and time-tested.

Body care in the cabin

The beauty products in this section can help you take better care of the body of your customers, both female and male skin. Creams and specific vials contain natural active ingredients with anti-cellulite properties, toning, moisturizing and emollient, rigorously tested and certified, that does not create allergic reactions. Buy with confidence TerraMare the products directly online, you will find telephone and paper at any time, to perform the most of our body treatments.

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