Essential oil

Synergies of essential oils for specific treatments.

These products are the result of well-calibrated mixing of pure essential oils such as essential oil of marigold, thyme, sage, lavender, lemon, rosemary, orange and many others. Why go to the trouble and the risk of studying how to mix drip of essential oils together to achieve a specific effect when you can buy them online ready?

Cosmetic effects of essential oils

These synergies are designed to fulfill all the more necessary in aesthetic cosmetic effects such as: draining effect (orthodermic), toning effect for dull, dehydrated skin, moisturizing effect (eutrophic) for dry and hypotonic skin, lightening effect for skin with rosacea and reddened, purifying effect for oily and / or acne, soothing effect to decongest, soothe and refresh the fabric. Each synergy can be applied pure before a facial imprint or a body mask or to dilute or neutral creams and make specific oils. Shop with confidence knowing that our essential oils made in Italy, you will always be guaranteed and serviced by our customer service who answers the toll-free nuomero 800145094 or by email at
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