94 ° denatured alcohol

94 ° denatured alcohol


Ethyl alcohol at 94 °

5lt bottle

Description of 94 ° denatured alcohol

Denatured ethyl alcohol is suitable for cleaning that also requires disinfection.

In fact, it is commonly used as a disinfectant in the home, as a solvent of natural resins and in the polishing of furniture, for the preparation of paints, such as shellac, benzoe rubber, sandracca.

It cleans degreases and effectively sanitizes hard surfaces, glass, crystals etc.
Practical, convenient and safe.

94 ° alcohol properties

Ethanol kills microorganisms by denaturing their proteins and dissolving their lipids; it is therefore effective against many bacteria, fungi and viruses (including the SARS virus and corona virus), however it is totally ineffective against the spores of bacteria.

N.B. the image is purely indicative, the appearance of the product may differ while maintaining the characteristics described

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