Equipment and needles for the Electrolysis. These tools allow you to make various hair removal techniques such as: the galvanic electrolysis, thermolysis, blend the technical and flash method  and Flash3. The choice of the most suitable technique for the trader, based on its experience, the area to be treated and the characteristics of the hair. The best needles for hair removal are those in one body, as they are more flexible, resistant and, if shielded, eliminate any leakage. For hypersensitivity problems we recommend the use of needles in gold. After the session of Electrolysis is recommended to disinfect the areas treated with a disinfectant for the skin and apply a soothing synergy to relieve redness. Our electrodepilators needle are certified made in Italy, and also comply with the latest regulations in force, namely the Decree 12 May 2011, n. 110, for which many aesthetic equipments have undergone a power adjustment which changes substantially certain parameters. You can also buy our handpieces parts discounted, they are also suitable for electro depilatories other brands. Try those bright ! Register for free and buy the items for Elettric depilation on our website at competitive prices by taking advantage of the offers reserved to our customers. Our customer service is always active and attentive to your requirements or questions, call us at toll free number 800145094 or send us an email to info@pserviceweb.com, solve together every question.

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