Cleansing and toning

Products for cleansing, toning and exfoliation of the face.

The cleansing of the facial skin, often overlooked, is instead an imperative gesture to be performed daily to ensure the maintenance of the correct skin pH and skin's natural protection (hydrolipid film). For this TerraMare he has realized of specific products for every type of skin, from the dry to the one with acne, which tend to have different levels of pH and may not be rebalanced by a neutral product. The act of cleansing, dell'esfoliazione and facial toning is a necessary step to correct skin preparation before any treatment to be performed on the client. A clean, balanced skin will be more receptive than the specific vials or facial creams applied thereafter.

Buy products that respect your skin

Only by purchasing quality products certified and suitable to your skin type you can ensure adequate and effective treatment preparation. Buy online in complete safety, you will be assisted at all times by our customer service and technical support you need from any paper.

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