We want to reward your loyalty by giving you points for every purchase you make.

how to participate in the loyalty program:

The loyalty program is activated automatically after your first purchase.

On the page of each product you can view the amount of pomegranate grains that you will be able to accumulate.

For each item purchased and paid for, you will accumulate a number of pomegranate grains equivalent to its value (each product has a different value that depends on the cost and the category it belongs to).

In your account under My Rewards Account, you can view the amount of accumulated beans and those already credited.

When you reach at least 50 pomegranate grains you can decide whether to turn them into a discount voucher to use on your next order or leave them to accumulate again.

10 Pomegranate Grains are equivalent to € 1 in discount vouchers.

The more you spend the more you save !!!

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