Products for massage

Creams and oils for professional massage.

Each operator has the right product for themselves and each massage you have to use the right speed or hydration. Here you can buy different types of creams and / or massage oils both neutral and with active ingredients specifically formulated to heat, alleviate or moisturize the treated fabric. The neutral products may be deemed indispensable, for example, for an aesthetic massage, in fact, with the addition of a few drops of essential oils well-formulated synergies can become ok to products, suitable for the treatment of any blemish. The camphor oil, widely used in sports instead has anti-inflammatory, stimulating, antiseptic, balsamic and vasoconstrictor. It can be massaged on bruises, contusions, sprains, cramps or muscle strains or before exercise to prevent injury.

Hygiene in massage

To prevent staining the massage table with the products is good utillizzare protective sheeting fabric or cartene that also preserve the hygiene. Buy confidently our massage on the online shop products, our customer service is always available at toll-free nuomero 800145094 or by email at

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