Pedicure bowl

Foot bath tubs for the welfare of the feet. We have a varied choice of trays for the footbath with both vibrating massage and bubbles, both in simple pre-formed container. The one with the vibromassage ensures, in addition to the normal foot bath, a relaxing massage the foot dry or, if with water, a pleasing bubbles effect, and is also equipped with heating on the bottom to keep the water temperature. For easier pedicures find the plastic tray with handles and grooves for water drainage, to which you can combine, for better hygiene, veils disposable rigid the same shape of the pan, or the cheaper ones in bag cartene. Do not forget to sanitize the water pan with chlorine tablets to citochlor and use protective clothing and disposable gloves for you when you conduct your professional pedicure with sharp instruments. By visiting our online store you will find many other specific items to foot care and many offered by the irresistible price. Buy with confidence our pedicure tubs, we give you the guarantee and reimbursed for any doubt or question you can contact us at the toll-free number 80014094 or send us an e-mail to info@pserviceweb.

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