Plasters and bandages

Sale of tapes, bandages and gauze bandages for professional. Here you can find every type of  dressing, bandage or support useful to your needs. You can cover and protect wounds using soft tabs, gauze or bandages roll, you can create sports or healing bandages, rigid or movable thanks to the use of elastic bandages or tape for taping. A bandage is a material used to support a medical instrument as indeed the bandage or cast. In addition to adhesive bandages, the most common are probably the ribbon bands, but if necessary the bandages can be used as necessary. In everyday language the word "bandage" is also used to mean a bandage, although technically these are two different things.

The neuromuscular taping is a band-aid type with healing functions for light muscle injuries, which is applied directly on the skin overlying the muscle or the various tendon and joint areas. In physical therapy it is used for muscle discomfort or tendinitis (eg epicondylitis). These patches are applied in the affected area so as to be under tension or not depending on the type of discomfort. The elastic force developed by these patches, is decided by the operator that specializes apply them.

The bandage pressure (or compression bandage) is a type of face bandage to reduce the flow of blood in a particular area of ​​the body by applying a pressure. often it is used in emergency situations / urgency and therefore is taught in most first aid courses.

A bandage triangle is a piece of cloth cut in rectangle triangle employed to support, as in the case of an arm to the neck, or a bandage pressure. It can also be used as a band-aid, as it is often called, or as a temporary cast or headband.

The bandage is Desault of bandage technique used in the dislocation of the shoulder, can be used even in cases of fractures of the scapula and fractures of the proximal humerus. It provides for the continuation of the alleged arms at his side, with the elbow flexed and the forearm pronated and placed on his stomach.

They could also serve disinfectants, gel caps, tools ..

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