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Disinfection and storage of immersion tools, it does not corrode rust.

one-liter bottle

alcoholic disinfectant solution ready to use


Sanisteril Ferri Alcoholic Sanitas is an alcoholic solution containing a quaternary ammonium salt (benzalkonium chloride). The association between Isopropyl Alcohol and Benzalkonium chloride exerts a synergistic germicidal effect, so that the product can be considered an intermediate level disinfectant suitable for the treatment of medical surgical devices not critical and certain semi-critical. Among all of the quaternary ammonium salts Benzalkonium chloride is the most active as regards the germicidal activity.

Being a cationic surfactant presents incompatibility with the sodium hexametaphosphate, sodium metaphosphate and the anionic surfactants.

The main properties of the product, in addition to the high efficiency and the broad spectrum germicidal action, are:

a) the high cleaning power that reduces the adherence of organic particles;

b) the ability to be distributed evenly on all surfaces of the instruments;

c) full respect for sharpening the cutting instruments;

d) the ability to protect them from oxidation, thanks to the presence of an antioxidant.


Field and method of use

1. Disinfection of surgical medical devices is not critical. The non-critical items are made up of structures and objects that involve little risk of transmitting infectious agents. They include facial masks, electrocardiogram electrodes, pans and any other items which are usually not in contact with mucous membranes.

2. Decontamination of surgical instruments and medical devices as per Decree 28 September 1990: Regulations for protection from occupational HIV infection in health care and public and private care facilities; << The reusable devices must, after use, be immediately immersed in a chemical disinfectant of recognized effectiveness of HIV before disassembly or cleaning operations, to be carried out as a preparation for sterilization >>.

3. Temporary sterile conservation of surgical instruments

>> When you have to remove the tools from the solution aseptically pick them and thoroughly rinsed with sterile water. <<


Description of transactions with related contact times:

1 Disinfection of clean instruments Contact time: 2 MINUTES

2 Decontamination of instruments before operations

cleaning and sterilization of contact time: 20-30 MINUTES

3 Temporary sterile conservation of surgical instruments Contact times: ----------

Sanisteril Ferri Alcoholic Sanitas is a ready to use solution that requires no dilution.


Material compatibility

The product formulation has no oxidizing action.

Its use in its purest form does not involve corrosive effects on sensitive materials. The alcoholic solution has the characteristic of quickly evaporate and leave no residue on the treated surface. The active ingredient is not absorbed by any type of plastic or elastomeric material (natural rubber and sintentiche).


Mechanism of Action

The active ingredients of Sanisteril Ferri Alcoholic Sanitas:

- Reduce the surface tension on the absorption point,

- Are quickly absorbed on surfaces with negative charge (proteins, bacteria, etc.),

- Have precipitant, complexing and denaturing of proteins,

- Causing enzyme changes in the cytoplasmic membrane of the microorganisms.


Germicidal activity

Sanisteril Ferri Alcoholic Sanitas is active on gram negative and gram positive bacteria, of yeasts, fungi and viruses (HIV). The active ingredient benzalkonium chloride, even at low concentrations in aqueous solution has a bactericidal activity on Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococci, Pseudomonas, Klebsiella, Proteus, Enterobacter, and Serratia. The virucidal activity is expressed both against lipophilic viruses (HIV) virus that does not contain lipids and large (Adenovirus, Reovirus).

The alcohol base of the active ingredient creates a synergy of action and preserves made from any danger of contamination. Isopropyl alcohol is an intermediate-level disinfectant with rapid bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal; also it is also active against the tubercle bacillus.


Disinfection and preservation of instruments for diving, does not corrode it rusts. Ready to use. Bottle of one liter

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