Pigments for Eyebrows and eyes

Stability of pigment color

It is crucial to have stable pigments for permanent make-up and don’t change their colour while persisting permanent make-up. Pigment particle size oscillate from 6 to 15 microns. Particles smaller than 6 microns may cause pigment migration to unwanted places or pigment can be absorbed by immune system. Particles bigger than 15 microns can stay in a tissue once and for all.

Training and assistance

Our company makes available its MAKE-UP CONSULTANTS to assist clients in their work and avoid unpleasant inconveniences. Proper theory and practical training in collaboration with a proven and proven pigmentation technique significantly increases the possibility of long-term customer satisfaction. Contact us at 800.14.50.94 to be updated on the dates of our specialization courses and / or in-depth.