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Plaster Cutting


TNT cutting patch with central gauze.

Characteristics of the wound plaster

Classic plaster for cut wounds produced in non-woven fabric and completed with central gauze to ensure greater adherence to the skin.

It allows a good level of oxygen breathability and guarantees breath and skin protection by helping the skin to heal the wound by stopping the flow of blood loss.

Thanks to the non-woven material, it has good elasticity and compactness, making it very easy to apply and remove.

The roll is 6cmX5.3m.

How to use the Cutting Patch

Unlike the non-woven micro-pore patch, the wound patch is not suitable for fixing machinery such as tubes and probes on the skin as well as for delicate dressings on sensitive patients, but it is recommended for small, harmless and not too deep cuts.

Gently apply the patch to the cut or abrasion by spreading the gauze on the sides of the cut to ensure perfect adherence to the skin.

If the problem and bleeding persist consult a doctor immediately.

For whom it is recommended

Suitable for both private and domestic use as well as medical and clinic use.

If you are looking for more protective plasters and bandages, you can take a look at the section dedicated to Medication!


Patch cutting non-woven gauze panel. Roll 6cm * 5,3mt.

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