cotton moleskin suit

cotton moleskin suit


Description of the cotton moleskin suit

The 100% cotton moleskin work suit is equipped with 4 front pockets, divided into 2 under the thigh and 2 at the top of the chest, the latter equipped with a convenient central closure button to ensure protection and sealing of the contents.

The lower pockets remain open to easily manage pens, pencils, documents and common work tools. The wide, comfortable fit sleeves allow you to combine this uniform with even the most common work jackets, worn over or under.

The hem also remains wide and comfortable to cope with even the thickest work shoes, for example accident prevention, and thicker and longer wool socks. The fit is easy to ensure movements in safety and agility.

The front closure is allowed by a zipper protected by seam that goes from the lower bust to the neck.

Recommendations for use

he cotton moleskin overalls are mainly indicated as winter workwear. Particularly recommended for workers, mechanics, electricians, construction workers, cleaning companies, truck drivers, farmers, gardeners, but also for hobbies, hunting, fishing. In general, for anyone who needs warm and resistant winter clothing or work uniform to protect themselves from the variations in the cold of winter weather mainly in the open air, such as rain, strong wind, light sleet.

Unlike summer workwear, which is lighter, the moleskin suit is heavier, making it better if used in climatic conditions close to winter.

Characteristics of cotton moleskin

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Characteristics of cotton moleskin

Fustian is a strong, sturdy and durable fabric used in tailoring since the Middle Ages. Thanks to its safe and reliable characteristics it is one of the main items of clothing used to produce winter and non-winter work clothes. It remains compact, warm and transforms the winter overalls into a garment suitable for optimally retaining the heat it absorbs.

Cotton is a vegetable fiber obtained from the flower capsule of cotton plants. Known throughout the world as one of the main materials for clothing and furnishings, cotton is an absorbent, protective and good conductor of heat fabric but little insulating from the cold. Stays cool and comfortable on the skin.

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