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Sterilization of instruments is a fundamental action, necessary and mandatory for conducting any medical work in which there is potential for contact with mucous or blood. To this are used for electrical equipment as the autoclave or dry heat sterilizer or immersion in containers containing powders or liquids to also sterilize different materials from metal that does not resist to high temperatures. But how to maintain the sterility and / or disinfection of instruments in time? It is important to use equipment such as germicides steril box, practical to keep the disinfected instrument and ready for use immediately, or use the envelopes or rolls to contain sterilized instruments. A mistake often you do is to believe that threading the sterilized instrument in a self-sealing envelope allows it to maintain the sterility of the same. Envelopes or the roll are used to envelope the tools, after washing, thoroughly cleansed and dried, then sterilized in an autoclave directly packaged. Only then we can ensure sterility until use. This procedure is not mandatory for the aesthetic centers where in fact the autoclave is not superior to the "N" and therefore does not have the ability to sterilize wrapped instruments.

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