Hand hygiene is very important, they are in fact a vehicle capable of transmitting bacteria and germs to other parts of the body, mainly to the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose and eyes. The health of your skin and your respiratory tract in fact depend on many factors, the food first, but also on environmental factors that in many cases you can prevent by applying simple hygiene measures. 

A transmission vehicle

Our hands touch everything and therefore become loaded with harmful microorganisms, which can be easily transmitted to our body and to other people. It is essential and a good habit to wash your hands often to avoid transmission, but it is not always possible to do it, especially when you are away from home. Fortunately, there are commercially available disinfectants for waterless hands or products specifically designed to be brought with you, and used even when there is no possibility of washing your hands with soap and water, the so-called hand gels. 

gel mani igienizzante

What is the Mani gel

The function of the waterless hand gel is to eliminate germs, bacteria and viruses from the hands even when you do not have the opportunity to wash them thoroughly with soap and water. There are sanitizing hand gel sanitizing hand gel [/ caption] different brands on the market, most of the formulations are based on ethyl alcohol, or agents such as benzalkonium chloride, chlorhexidine or triclosan. Its use can reduce the risk of getting infections. The hand gel is produced in various formats but the most comfortable and simple to carry with you is the pocket one, that is, in small bottles of 100-125ml with dispensing cap, which can be easily inserted into a bag or pocket.

Daily hygiene

The hand gel is indispensable for every daily movement, especially if you use public transport such as planes, metro and buses; but even after shopping where you have used the trolley made available to everyone and handled packaged canned food displayed on the shelves; before eating street food; after using the toilet in a room not equipped with soap; before and after changing your baby's diaper; after touching an animal, its toy or its leash; after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing; after touching an injured or sick person or touching dirty objects such as shoes, etc., etc ... No, it is not paranoia! thorough washing Thorough hand washing [/ caption] In recent years, virus outbreaks have varied, from "simple" seasonal flu to SARS through to covid-19. In all cases, the recommendations of the Ministry of Health are always the same: Wash your hands often!

Hygiene of environments and surfaceslavaggio accurato 

Even the disinfection of the surfaces and environments in which we live and work is essential to have adequate hygiene and eliminate bacteria and germs. It would be a good habit to always keep an environment sanitizer at hand, or a ready-to-use spray solution that does not require rinsing, useful for sanitizing surfaces and objects in general such as telephones, mobile phones, earphones, handles, keys, etc ... . The alternative may be the packaging of disinfectant wipes already soaked in a ready-to-use solution, which also allows us to disinfect hands or skin in general.

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