As in the previous article we still take care of dry skin, the most frequent problem in recent years. In winter, contrary to popular belief, the skin tends to actually be drier than the warm season, as the cold, the wind, the heat too high and the changes in temperature between inside and outside, are all factors that irritate and dry out your skin. Therefore it is really dangerous not take care of this blemish, because it undergoes a weakening of its barrier function due to an alteration of the cellular cohesion, to a shortage of NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) and to an inadequate production of lipids altering its hydrolipidic film and exposing themselves to external pathogenic attack. E 'therefore necessary to consider the idea of ​​using fatter cosmetic formulas in winter and summer fluid? ">We analyze more closely the properties that should have cosmetics better suited to restore the right degree of hydration.hands

What you can 'use to combat dry skin?

And 'no doubt that dry skin needs to be nourished with cosmetics suitable and specific. In fact it is not necessarily true that a fat of the cosmetic formulation guarantees greater effectiveness. Not only that, but too rich texture leaves a feeling of greasiness to how unpleasant after application. It is therefore better to choose a treatment that, in addition to restoring the skin barrier, offering an application comfortable, with an almost instantaneous absorption, without leaving that annoying "sticky layer" and ensuring ease of use in everyday life.

The film-forming cosmetic for dry skin

The cosmetics are occlusive film-forming products used to maintain and restore the level of skin hydration in very dehydrated skin. They are mostly creams that are distributed on the skin, forming a protective film on the skin, which would hold the cutaneous water loss. They act by forming a kind of occlusive film on the skin, in this way reduce the evaporation of water by the superficial epidermal layers, consequently, maintain skin hydration. The occluding substances used in the treatment of dry skin are generally hydrocarbon-based ingredients, like petrolatum and mineral oil, not suitable for daily use ansi anything. Therefore the use of these is delegated to the pathological dermatology in case of serious dehydration.

Better to use cosmetic emollients.

Very often, for cosmetic use in the treatment of dry skin, being heavily used the term "emollient". The emollients are natural ingredients lipid useful in reintegrating the lipophilic component of the skin by restoring the skin barrier function effectively. Also they give it a soft, smooth appearance to dry skin, since they are able to mimic the role of lipids naturally present in the surface layers of the epidermis.
Among the cosmetic ingredients emollients more suitable for the treatment of dry skin include:

vegetable oils: avocado, hemp, wheat germ, borage, macadamia, almond, palm, olive, argan etc.
Butters and vegetable waxes: shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil (liquid wax), bees wax.
Squalene: abundant in olive oil, in rice bran, peanuts and wheat germ.
Ceramides of vegetable origin, synthetic or biotechnology.
Polyunsaturated fatty acids: vegetable products of omega 6 sources - such as wheat germ oil, the oil extracted from sunflower seeds and corn.
Honey: EPA produced on the basis of sugars that it collects in nature.

Two natural cosmetics too often underestimated

Scientific research combined with nanotechnology nowadays has reached incredible levels, summarizing incredible products and extracting nano molecules that make the new much more effective cosmetic products. Often, however, the continuous research of market news, we forget completely natural products with amazing capabilities, perfectly capable of taking care of our skin. And 'the example of beeswax and honey!

The film-forming properties and emollient beeswax, for example, make it a cosmetic ingredient very indicated to treat dry skin, dry and chapped. Being particularly rich in fatty acids, this encourages the repair of lipids present in the surface layers of the epidermis, restoring the barrier function of dry skin. Not surprisingly, the beeswax is part of the formulation of professional masks for the face and body.
Honey is one of the oldest foods from which man has drawn nourishment. Its composition is complex, carbohydrates, among which stand out as fructose and glucose, are the most present in percentage substances, but in honey are contained a large variety of substances in smaller percentages, for example are enzymes, amino acids, organic, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Sweet and aromatic, it is used in the cosmetic treatment for dry skin because of its many beneficial properties especially moisturizing, soothing, calming, anti-inflammatory, tonic and energizing; not surprisingly, the honey part in the formulation of creams or products such as mineralizing mix honey with moisturizing, softening and soothing properties to improve the appearance of dry, chapped and very dehydrated.

Honey brings great benefits to the skin due to its nutritional properties, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial that convert it into an excellent healing and nourishing in a gorgeous skin and subcutaneous nerves. Its moisturizing ability makes it almost essential to dryness of the skin treatment for which its application means that the skin is kept hydrated in depth.

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