Salute e benessere

Your health depends on the hygiene of your hands, yours and others

The health of your skin and your respiratory tract depends on many factors that in many cases you can prevent by applying simple hygiene measures. Hand hygiene is very important, they are a vehicle capable of transmitting bacteria and germs.


Why in winter the skin is dry?

In winter, the skin tends to be drier than the warm season, as the weather and the changes in temperature between indoors and outdoors irritate and dry out your skin. Therefore, it is very dangerous not take care of dry skin, because it undergoes a weakening of its barrier function and to an inadequate production of lipids. We analyze more closely the properties that should have cosmetics better suited to restore the right degree of hydration


Those strange white spots: the grains of millet

What are the grains of millet, because their appearance, how to eliminate them without causing damage and how to prevent their reappearance.


Under the Pomegranate: the importance of drinking and hydration

Five small periodic tips to better live in well-being with your body and with the environment that surrounds us.


How do you distinguish a dry skin.

Looking skin visibly dehydrated and inelastic (or often scaled) is commonly referred to as "dry" environment aesthetic but also now in the doctor despite not being the most correct scientific term, but simply what makes a better idea.


What are the enzymatic exfoliating?

Enzyme exfoliants are a special category of exfoliants, they do not act by friction as mechanical ones. They are used in the dermatological field for the treatment of certain disorders of the skin but also in cosmetics for the treatment and prevention of the most common skin problems.


Why your skin tans?

The skin tans thanks to our big star, the sun, which emits solar radiation that interact with the skin itself. Thanks to ultra-violet rays, which are divided into UVA, UVB, UVC, activate the chemical processes of melanogenesis, the brown pigment producing skin coloring. What effect do UV rays on our skin?


I bite my nails !! Causes and solutions.

The nail biting is a mainly compulsive disorder that leads an individual to eat their own nails. This attitude can lead to dell'iponichio damage, the portion of skin at the base and sides of the nail, to increase awareness of the area and redness resulting in exposure to bacterial or viral agents that can cause infection or other.


How to have a uniform and long-lasting tan

Sunbathing is not enough to obtain a golden skin all season. In addition to preparing our skin to sun exposure we must also know how to treat it and feed it to keep it toned and golden long.


Workwear, differences between cotton and polyester.

Better cotton or polyester? What are their characteristics? What benefits gives a mixed fabric of polyester / cotton? The cotton fabric has been used for hundreds of years but the textile industry today, the mixture or replace it with other "new" tissues, we understand why.


Skin health for our welfare

Skin health plays a vital role in maintaining the health and beauty of the whole body. Its main functions are to protect the body from foreign substances often harmful and avoid excessive loss of water. But how can we? How do we keep it hydrated and efficient?


Wash frequently improves the skin?

Thinking to perform a proper facial cleansing "washing" with water only would like washing a greasy plate of oil without detergent. But relying on the classic foaming soaps and too aggressive often gives life to alter the pH making basico.Da here you can easily understand that it is essential to choose carefully the detergents adjusted according to your skin type.


How much is important to clean the skin?

The skin is like a cotton cloth which during the day is exposed to the weather, the sun, the wind, the smog that dirty and alter its freshness and softness. Thoroughly clean it means taking care of themselves, preserving the skin in optimum conditions and prevents deposits of impurities, irritation and sensitization. But what it means cleaning the skin?

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