Bactericidal DISINFECTANT soap PMC
Bactericidal DISINFECTANT soap PMC
Bactericidal DISINFECTANT soap PMC
Bactericidal DISINFECTANT soap PMC
Bactericidal DISINFECTANT soap PMC
Bactericidal DISINFECTANT soap PMC

LH Soap, bactericidal DISINFECTANT soap PMC

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Bactericidal disinfectant soap for intact skin External use

Medical-Surgical Unit Reg. N.18796 of the Ministry of Health

It is a disinfectant soap indicated for the disinfection of the skin (body, hands, feet).


LH Soap liquid soap is effective against gram + and gram- bacteria, it combines rapid disinfectant action with deep cleansing and pleasant fragrance. LH Soap disinfectant soap respects the skin, leaving it sanitized.

500ml bottle with dispenser

1. Composition

100 ml of solution contain: Benzalkonium chloride g 0.1 - non-ionic surfactants, perfume, co-formulants and purified water q. b. 100 ml.

2. Chemical-physical properties

Semi-dense, clear light blue solution, foaming by stirring. Perfumed. pH = 6 ± 0.5. Soluble in water in all relationships. Specific gravity: 1.020 ± 0.05

3. Mechanism of action

The quaternary action is consequent to several actions:

    on proteins, which causes denaturation;
    intervening in metabolic reactions, with action on enzymes at the level of the cytoplasmic membrane;
    on cell permeability: benzalkonium chloride is absorbed on the outer layers of the cytoplasmic membrane on which it performs a lysis action. The destruction of the cell is consequent to bonds that form between the quaternary and the cytoplasmic constituents with lower molecular weight.
    Spectrum of action


The spectrum of action is wide and mainly includes Gram positive bacteria; it also acts on Gram negatives, fungi and lipophilic viruses. It acts both in an acidic and alkaline environment.

5. Fields of use

Antiseptic-antibacterial to be used preferably when a detergent action is also required. Particularly suitable for the disinfection of the hands of medical and paramedical staff in charge of surgery departments and in all professional activities that require rigorous hand asepsis. Suitable for washing and disinfection in: hospitals, nursing homes, schools, kindergartens, barracks, rest homes, hotels, canteens, industries and in general in community centers.

6. Method of use

It is used pure. Massage the area to be disinfected then rinse. Repeat the operation if necessary. The contact time must not be less than 2 minutes.

7. Security

The product is well tolerated locally even after repeated treatments for several days. The application of the product on the skin surface does not cause any inflammatory or allergic reactions. The formulation contains substances with emollient and protective characteristics that allow it to be used many times a day.

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