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thalassotherapy treatments


Not a treatment but a real Benesserericca Philosophy of natural active ingredients extracted directly from the depths of the richest sea in the world. Masks based muds have been recognized for centuries as an essential remedies for treating any blemish on the face and body . Thanks to the clay component helps the skin absorption of substances previously applied, and the thermal component bring trace elements, minerals and vitamins essential for the biological processes of the skin.


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Thalassotherapy treatments NATURAL FACE AND BODY

With these products you can develop an infinite number of specific treatments or not to treat various skin imperfections of the face and body or for REBALANCE, DECONTRATTURARE, RELAX or STIMULATE the physiological processes of the organism.

The Dead Sea Mud has a high ability to cleanse the epedermide and create a strong osmotic effect that guarantees the control action, cleansing, toning, stimulation and oxygenation of the tissues, giving it elasticity and making them stronger in the defense against external aggression .

The Termofango activates microcirculation in the dermis encouraging the drainage of toxins and remineralization of the tissues, the key actions in the treatment of cellulite; has purifying, hydrating and smoothing.

The Dead Sea Salt, among all the salts in the world, stands out for its efficiency; carries out a purifying and detoxifying, remineralises the skin and relaxes the muscles; ideal for relieving rheumatic pain and joint helps to improve skin problems.

The Salt Scrub has a deep cleansing action of the epidermis by removing dead skin cells and giving it softness and shine.

The synergies are blends of essential oils and how these effects both physically and mentally. With the application it is possible to treat absorption for various blemishes and diseases, and at the same time by inhalation act at the level of various organ systems: digestive, circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, endocrine, urinary, and nervous system.

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