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Treatment Push-Up breast and buttocks. Specific protocol for hypotonia of the breast and / or buttocks, a process characterized by an alteration in the metabolism of the skin and muscle.


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EXECUTION: - Run with the smoothing cream body massage rotary gentle on the breast area and along the pectoral muscles, avoiding the area of the nipples for about 5 minutes. Remove any residue with water and sponges.

- Apply the invigorating synergy and perform a stimulating massage on the fabric connettivo.- Apply the mixture lyophilized firming and do absorb a circular motion.

- Perform a pneumatic massage with the mixture mineralizing honey for about 5 minutes. Make the wrap as shown, cover with aluminum foil and wait for the temperature to become uniform.

- After installation of 15-20minuti, remove the bandage slowly from the bottom up.- Apply the fluid breast firming and do absorb a circular motion for about 5 minutes.

- Finish by applying the cream Push-Up with a touch massage until completely absorbed stretching trapezius, shoulders, chest muscles and chest.

- The treatments can be combined with equipment such as: pressure therapy, electrostimulation, whirlpool, high frequenza.NB treatment on the buttocks is specular, the bandage must always be performed from the bottom upwards in cross way.



- Cream Push Up Breast Tone: Anemarrhenae asphodeloides extract, almond oil dolce.- Firming Fluid (Specif.Seno): glucosamglicani, soy protein, gotu kola, horsetail, marigold, marine collagen, vitamin F.

- Freeze-dried Firming: glucosamglicani, gotu kola, horsetail, wheat germ, marine collagen, menta.PRODOTTI SALE FOR HOME self-care

- Cream Push Up Breast Tone, soft emulsion rich in extract Anemarrhenae asphodeloides, a plant widely known and used in traditional Chinese medicine, which from the point of view of the cosmetic has a strong toning and stretching activities. Particularly suitable for the skin of the breast and buttocks.

- Firming Fluid (Specif.Seno): soft emulsion rich in active ingredients that act specifically on the epidermis dehydrated, lacking tone and elasticity. recommended for sensitive areas such as the breast.

- Firming Freeze-dried preparation rich in natural active ingredients. Indicated for the treatment of epidermal inestetismispecifici such as: loss of tone, inelasticity, turgor.



The bandage is carried out with a solution of hot water, anti-aging tonic, and two teaspoons honey dimiscela. Place all in a bowl. Prepare before 1 pack of tissues (Kleenex type) or bandages bare 12cm, cut into strips into 3 parts. Dip the bandages obtained in the solution and apply on the breast, starting from the bottom, tirandoverso up radially, as shown in figure 1, also covering the nipple. Ripeterel'applicazione also other lato.Continuare the bandage applying other layers of crossed strips as shown in figure 2, on all ildecolté and also the neck, always pulling from the bottom upwards, so as to shape the breast with foil ecoprire .Attendere that the temperature becomes uniform over the entire treated area, shutter variabileda 10 'to 20' circa.Togliere the bandage removing the foil, attorcigliamolo on himself, from the bottom versol'alto, very slowly to avoid a thermal sciok to underlying tissues.

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