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THERMAL HEATING MUD cream, anti-cellulite. 500 ml bottle

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Thermo heating mud in cream, indicated in the treatment of cellulite and localized. YES it applies and massage comfortably as a body cream and has a self-heating effect due to the effect vasodilator and to recall blood surface with the consequent heat input. As is well known, the constant application of sludge reduces cellulite and makes the skin nourishment.

Features of the thermo heating mud

semi-solid colloidal dispersion that thanks to the active plant and heating action of the ether of nicotinic acid is intended for individuals with cellulite and / or fat. Mud / self-cellulite cream.

500ml bottle.

Where does the thermal mud

The application of thermal heating mud and 'ideal of the buttocks, thighs, hips and abdomen. The skin regains tone and firmness and appears visibly smoother after the first application.

Fights skin orange peel. This treatment will improve the local microcirculation thanks to the warmth of the mud and vasotonic properties of the active ingredients which promote circulation and counteract the stagnation of interstitial fluids.


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Implementing rules

Mix thoroughly before applying the product.

Prepare the skin according to the usual methods, preferably by degreasing and exfoliating the fabric well. Apply with a brush a thin layer of thermal heating mud wrap with a fitted sheet in cartene for about 30 minutes; then remove with moistened sponges or with a lukewarm shower.

Apply a few drops of synergy TerraMare most appropriate treatment in the affected areas, massaging gently until completely absorbed. Finish the treatment with intensive cream for cellulite blemishes or massage cream fucus cellulite and fat TerraMare.

Warnings: it contains nicotinic acid ester avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.


They recommend 2 application per week, for a month, then 1 per week for the second month, interspersed with one vigorous work, and finally 1-2 monthly applications for maintenance.







From the brown alga thallus they are derived polysaccharides, carotenoids, proteins, mineral salts, iodine in organic and inorganic form. Thanks to this plant complex of both organic and inorganic components of the alga extract may be used with positive effects in the adjuvant treatment of cellulite.




The capsicum extract contains carotenoids and substances to rubefacient effect (capsaicin, capsaicin etc, etc.). Applied on the skin causes blood booster with heat input. Widely used in pharmaceutical capsicum it is also used in cosmetics in thermoactive products.


EXTRACT GLYCOLIC borage (Borago officinalis)


Borage extract has strong emollient, moisturizing and smoothing.


GLYCOLIC EXTRACT ROSEMARY (Rosmarinus officinalis)


From the leaves and flowers you get both the essential oil is the extraction fraction. On the skin, especially the essential oil, it acts as a peripheral vasodilator and purifying properties.


FOREIGN nicotinic acid (methyl nicotinate)


Nicotinic acid esters are used, in small doses, in the treatment of cellulite as thermoactive products favoring the upper circulation.



CANFORA (camphor)


Camphor is a ketone terpene derived from the wood of the camphor or obtained by synthesis. It is used in small doses to give sensation of freshness and at higher doses as a stimulant and rubefacient.

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