Salt from the Dead Pure 1kg pack Sea. Of all the salts in the world, it stands out for its efficiency; carries out a purifying and detoxifying, remineralises the skin and relaxes muscles; ideal to relieve rheumatism and joint pain, it helps improve skin problems.

Features of the Halls of the Dead TerraMare Tues.

The Dead Sea salt contains 43 natural minerals crystallized during decades on the shores of the Dead Sea. The high concentration of potassium, magnesium, sodium, bromine and makes the product especially indicated in the treatment of cellulite, dell'adipe, toning and acne. It can be used in various ways: compresses, bandages, soaked.

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Where does the salt from the Dead Sea

The application of the salt of dead Sea, as mentioned above, can be made on the face and body:

- On the buttocks, thighs, hips and abdomen it helps against skin orange peel, to tone and smooth the fabric.

- Used as a scrub has a strong cleansing and smoothing effect and gives softness and shine to the skin.


- On the face dries and compacts the more oily skin and helps eliminating acne.

- Remineralises, exfoliates, smoothes and moisturizes the skin around the body due to its strong osmotic effect.

- Decontracts muscles.


Active principles and INCI

Maris sal

Implementing rules

The salt from the Dead Sea, thanks to its large properties, can be used depending on demand with different application methods.

WEIGHT LOSS AND WATER RETENTION (relaxant, detoxifying)





In DETAILS we give details of some of the most effective for us


Tips on using the Dead Sea salt TerraMare

They recommend usually 10-12 applications.

And 'strongly it recommended the use of salt from the Dead Sea in TerraMare synergy with equipment such as: pressure therapy, sauna or thermosaunas, infrared; and alternating with electrical stimulators for lymphatic drainage and toning.


Some application methods Salt of the Dead Sea Earthsea

WEIGHT LOSS AND WATER RETENTION (relaxant, detoxifying):

- Perform a massage with the SALT SCRUB to affected areas;

- Without rinse apply a few drops of SYNERGY orthodermic on the areas of

                lymphatic drainage, add to cover the SALT DEAD SEA and wrap everything with

                cartene and thermal blanket for 30 minutes;

- Rinse and conclude massaging with MASSAGE CREAM added to

                a few drops of SYNERGY eutrophic.


- Mix approximately 30cc of SYNERGY orthodermic to a fair amount of MUD

                DEAD SEA previously heated and apply to affected areas; cover with

                cartene and switched on the electric blanket for 20 minutes;

- Without rinse wrap in COLD FIRMING WRAP (or with a

                SALT WRAP with the addition of 30 cc of SYNERGY TONING); Leave on

                about 20 minutes;

- Conclude with a draining massage by adding a few drops of SYNERGY

                TONING CREAM MASSAGE.


- Gently massage the entire body, including face and hair, with MUD DEL MAR

                DEAD (previously heated) diluted with a little 'of OIL FISIO and about 30 cc

                SYNERGY TONING; cover the body with cartene and electric blanket for 25-30 minutes;

- Finishing treatment with a hot shower, or better, in a tank with the addition of 200 g

                SALE OF THE DEAD SEA.


- Apply SCRUB CUCUMBER on massaging the affected areas gently with circular movements, wrap with a cartene sheet and a blanket for 10 ", remove with natural sponges.

- Apply a few drops of FLUID VEGETABLE on the big lymphatic drainage areas and perform some pumping on the most important stations.

- Apply a few drops of COMPOUND LYOPHILIZED, apply it on the whole leg and massage with decontracting and kneading movements until completely absorbed.

- Apply a bandage soaked in SALT DEAD SEA, wrap the customer with a cartene sheet and a blanket for 30 ".

- Apply a homogeneous mixture using the INTENSIVE cream added with a few drops of SYNERGY orthodermic.


- Pour about 250 grams of product in a tub filled to 1/3 with lukewarm water (the salts themselves produce heat them); then add hot water as needed.


- Remain immersed 15-20 minutes avoiding water contact with the mucous membrane of the eyes.


- Rinse thoroughly without using soap. E 'can use the product dissolved in water with bandage techniques.

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