Salt scrub with essential oil of orange and vegetable oils designed to perform a deep exfoliating action suits all types of skin with revitalizing and smoothing effect; fortifies and restores health.
Sea salt carries out a purifying and detoxifying, remineralises the skin and relaxes muscles; ideal to relieve rheumatism and joint pain, it helps improve skin problems.

the salt scrub with to orange features TerraMare

Product made from sea salt, vegetable oils and essential oils. Gently massaged on the skin, removes dead skin cells, giving the skin softness and shine. Left laying, remineralises and moisturizes the skin.

TerraMare has designed this product to combine the capacity of the vigorous level sea salt epidermal and effective stimulant properties of the essential oil of orange. Two products physically antipodes have very similar functional characteristics, in fact, have in common the following features:

- Cellulite Action

- Unlocking the water retention

- Draining action

- Relaxing action

- Action decontracting


Jar 500ml

Where does the salt scrub to orange

The saline scrub, as mentioned, has not only exfoliating properties but, depending on its application, we can also take advantage of the other capabilities.

- Massaged gently on the skin, removes the superficial epidermal layer by accelerating the turnover of skin cells and making resurface the youngest layer, fresh and vitale.Ha a strong cleansing effect and smoothing and gives softness and shine to the skin.

- And 'effective in restoring the impaired water balance, drains fluids and stagnant waste thanks to' osmotic action produced by sea salt.

- On the face dries and compacts the more oily skin and helps eliminating acne.

- Promotes drying of excess fluid under the skin, thereby improving tissue firmness.

- Used in the days prior to sun exposure, it facilitates the engraftment of tan more even and durable.

Active principles and INCI

Maris sal

Glycine soja oil

Citrus aurantium dulcis oil

Fragrance / parfum



Implementing rules


- Apply a small amount on the affected areas, massaging gently with circular movements until complete dissolution of the salt grains, residues with natural sponges. Best to proceed from the ankles going up the body, but you can also select individual zones.
Leave for a few minutes, particularly on the face and then rinse with warm water.

MOISTURE AND remineralization

- Apply a fair amount 'about the affected areas by massaging gently with circular movements, cover with a sheet of HDPE film and leave for 15-20 minutes, remove with natural sponges.


Tips on using the scrub


The scrub should be done once a week, every 15 days for those suffering from acne, otherwise it is going to stimulate and inflame the skin too, producing the opposite effect.

Highly recommended in the pre summer sun exposure.

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