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Snelly-TiMe. Protocol specific treatment for localized fat and pannicolopatia-edemofibrosclerotica (cellulite), a progressive degenerative process in three stages: edematous, fibrous and sclerotic.


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- Apply the SALT SCRUB affected areas and massage

gently remove the residue with natural sponges.

      - Apply a few drops of LIQUID VEGETABLE big drain on the areas of

lymphatic pumping stations and run some more important.

  - Mix one part of the vial with the LYOPHILISATE COMPOUND MIXTURE mineralizing HONEY and massage maneuvers decontracting and kneading.

- Apply a homogeneous mixture using the cream INTENSIVE added with a few drops of SYNERGY orthodermic.

- Wrap the legs and abdomen with elastic bandages previously wet

in a solution of water and DEAD SEA SALTS.

- Brush over the bandages MODELLING MASK paraffin wrap the client with a blanket and cartene to 40 ", the last 5" in the electric blanket off. Use scissors to cut the bandages, removing all debris.

- Complete with a lymphatic massage emo-classic, using the cream MASSAGE added with a few drops of SYNERGY orthodermic

Eutrophic and SOOTHING.



      - Salt Scrub: maris sal, citrus dulcis oil, soybean oil draining action.

- Fluid Plant: from brown seaweed, an adjuvant for cellulite,

horse chestnut vase protective action.

- Composed lyophilized from brown seaweed, adjuvant for cellulite, horse chestnut vase protective action.

- Intensive Cream: iodinated compound lipolytic, Glycosaminoglycans

eutrophic, returned and moisturizing. Ivy and Oak marina edematous and lipolytic action.

- Dead Sea Salt: maris sal, 43 minerals crystallized osmotic action, re-mineralising and edematous.

- Modelling mask: paraffin, bioparaffina low melting wax, which retains heat, increases blood circulation allowing greater absorption through the skin of the assets previously applied.

- Synergies: lavender, lemon, geranium, thyme, sage, juniper




- Smoothing Cream body, soft emulsion, rich in vegetable oils, with microgranules

from apricot kernel to increase the brightness of the skin and increase

skin absorption.

- Cream anti-cell emulsion enriched with L-carnitine, a molecule bioavailable

effective in combating cellulite.

- Vials LIOF compound, preparation rich in active ingredients for fat / cellulite

glycosaminoglycans to eutrophic-restoring, seaweed extract and

ivy-action moisturizing.



- All treatments can be supported by the use of equipment

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