MIXTURE REMINERALIZING HONEY for antigravity massage


Product sticky-based Italian natural honey, mainly used for anti-gravity type massage and nourishing masks to the face and breast. It can be used on the body as a natural scrub or used in massage for its adhesive properties. Gently massaged on the skin, removes dead skin cells, giving the skin softness and shine.

Product characteristics for Massage antigravity

This product consists of a balanced mixture of strictly Italian honey and trace elements with mineralizing, moisturizing and restorative. It 'a very particular formulation that can be used as:
- Face and body peeling, thus exploiting its adhesive power and its antimicrobial properties;
- Face and body mask, especially breast, thus using the moisturizing and nourishing but also calming and soothing properties that help to even stabilize the emotional flow calming the worries and anxieties;
- Product for anti-gravity massage (type gomming), to exploit its vast natural adhesive properties and soothing.

500ml bottle.

Where to use the Product Honey

Given its specific characteristics this formulation is indicated to treat all regions of the body. Used as a mask performs the maximum of its natural ability to nurture and re-mineralize the skin and the breast. Used as peeling or anti-gravity massage instead, it finds its natural application in areas prone to skin laxity, cellulite and fat deposits.
The anti-gravity massage returns three-dimensional connective skin, inexorably crushed by gravity and eroded by time, now unable to perform the functions of elasticity and firmness that are naturally present at a young age. The pneumatic manual are the only able to create the "vacuum" in the fabric invoking clean plasma throughout the thickness of the dermis and impressing so intense accelerations to the distribution of nutrients to the tissues and the removal of those waste. Simply put realizes the reabsorption of interstitial fluids proposing a powerful anti-edema drainage and improves circulation, relieves vascular effort, facilitates the protection of the microcirculation dermo-hypodermic, tones and restores elasticity to the skin.

Active principles and INCI

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Application mode
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Tips on using the product for anti-gravity massage

It 'should always match the mixture to the honey with some drops of a specific synergy for the treatment in place.


Application mode

As mentioned above, the mineralizing mix applications to honey can be manifold. Here we suggest some:

Treatment push up breasts:
- Run with the cream smoothing body a gentle rotary massage on the breast area and along the pectoral muscles, avoiding the nipple area, for about 5 minutes. Remove residues with water and sponges.
- Apply the invigorating synergy and superimpose the ventilated clay mask premixed with the catalyst fluid. Leave on for 20-25 minutes.
- After removing the mask, apply a few drops of breast firming fluid, perform a pneumatic massage (anti-gravity) with Remineralezzante Honey Blend for about 5 minutes.
- Finish by applying the Push-Up cream with a touch massage until complete penetration stretching trapezius, shoulders, chest muscles and chest.

Rehydrating and nourishing facial treatment protocol:
- Carry out a preparatory cleansing with moisturizing cleansing milk.
- Make a scrub on face, neck and décolleté with a smoothing cream for sensitive skin.
- Apply the Toning Lotion re-acidifying.
- Roll out the mineralizing Blend honey doing well in the eyes attention, even spread it on the mouth, cover with the mask in cartene. Remove after a 15-20 "pose.
- After emptying of the lymphatic channels with a few drops of eutrophic synergy, end with a draining massage on face, neck and décolleté using the moisturizer.

anti cellulite treatment edematous:
- Apply the SALT SCRUB on gently massaging the affected areas, removing the residues with natural sponges.
- Apply a few drops of FLUID VEGETABLE on the big lymphatic drainage areas and perform some pumping on the most important stations.
- Mix one part of COMPOUND LYOPHILIZED vial with MIX mineralizing HONEY and massage with decontracting maneuvers and kneading.
Massage anti-gravity (or gomming pneumomassaggio):
- Conduct a skin expansion dexterity second anti-gravity lines. The antigravity breast treatment is the result of research continues with the aim of restoring and preserving the hydration, nourishment, firmness and elasticity, firmness and tone of the breasts!

Active principles

The rhodochrosite, also known as pink inca, is a pretty stone marbled pink coming from silver deposits located in Argentina. The Incas believed to represent the blood of the original, in fact it is a stone that gets its color marble to its richness in manganese (Mn). It a protective and preventive anti-aging active is extracted. This ingredient preserves the skin's youthfulness by putting the dermis protected from the harmful effects of UVA rays and free radicals.
Stone anti-stress par excellence rhodochrosite stimulates intuition and creativity. Applied directly to the skin allows to regulate the emotions, calm the worries and anxieties, it stabilizes the emotional flows

The honey has a beneficial effect on the skin, mainly due to its emollient, dermosedative and antimicrobial. For this has been experienced in many skin diseases and as an active principle which as an excipient, achieving notable success: the pimply, on acne, and all those skin diseases where it requires a specific decongestant, antimicrobial and healing.
In addition to nourish, moisturize and rielasticizzare skin, work on it a deep cleansing.
Honey can be a useful factor against dehydration, helping to maintain the proper rate of epidermal moisture, creating optimum conditions of softness, flexibility and elasticity of the tissues. It behaves, in this regard, such as glycerin, sorbitol, the pyroglutamic acid and sodium lactate.


rhodochrosite EXTRACT

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